The Email Doctor

I have created the Email Doctor for people at work who have doubts about the accuracy of the emails they need to send. The Email Doctor correction service is fast, delivered by a journalism professional, and emails are kept confidential.

Service status

Email Doctor is currently ON

I'm here and available! Send me your email to correct. I will reply to you in a few minutes with the price and delivery time. Thank you!


Try it free! The first 100 words of your first email correction are free.

How it works

Send your email for correction to and I will reply to you with the price and delivery time.

Let me help you to feel confident before sending an email of any type:

Business correspondence, business emails of invitation (to a meeting, event, business meal), policies and procedures, instructional emails, expectations, employment emails, thank you emails, feedback emails, apology emails, bad news emails, formal requests, formal replies, complaint emails, asking for assistance emails, proposal recommendation emails, rejecting offers, apologies.