English conversations

I use Skype for English conversation, a free online telephone service. I have a good sense of humor and believe that learning can be interesting, relaxing, and fun. My availability is flexible and I speak English (slowly) for most of the session. I also offer conversation and chat for beginners. Everyone is welcome.


My rates are modest and you can choose between 3 sessions:

I welcome you to try a free, 30 minute conversation session. Afterward, if you'd like to continue with lessons, I will send you a bill through Paypal with a link where you can easily submit a payment.

Contact me

Feel free to contact me for any question, send me an e-mail to

What's Skype?

It's free software downloadable from the internet. After you install it you can chat and talk with whoever has Skype on their computer. This way of communication is totally free and requires just an internet connection. More info and Skype download.

What's PayPal?

It's a safe way to make online payments with a debit or credit card: Paypal protects your financial details and keeps them hidden when you pay online. You don't even need an account for this service and it is free, easy and fast. Commission is included in my price, which means that you have no hidden fees. More info.